A_Hill_to_Die_On_Protest_Concept_Front_WebIt’s 2015. Amman, Jordan. Next door to the deadliest conflict on theplanet. Journalist Sterling Hunt crossed into Syria to report on Abu Hurriyah–a rebel leader who promises to deliver the hopes and dreams of the revolution. Six weeks have passed and no one has heard from Sterling. Lost? Kidnapped? Dead?

Sterling’s friend Harold Rypkowski and wife Claire have arrived in the Jordanian capital to kickstart stagnant careers and find their friend.

The embassy doesn’t know anything. The FBI is preaching patience. And the Pentagon won’t reply with anything more than a form email.

Two people can help: Fadi, a Palestinian-American war reporter and Mohammad, a Syrian activist who wound up in Amman. Together the four of them must navigate a world of diplomats, humanitarians, spies, secret police, and smugglers. Knowing who to trust is all but impossible in a town where what you see is not what you get.



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